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Many thanks to all for your kind feedback! They are very important to us

Diana Tarasova, for this cake 
I ordered my cake six hours before the party. I did not think that Irina would agree to do. BUT she went to work and brought a stunning cake !!!!even more beautiful than on the picture. All the guests appreciated. A taste simply awesome, the guests were told that they for the first time try a cake, which is equally beautiful and delicious !!! I am very grateful for the cake, the husband and the guests loved it. Thank you so much!!!!


Xenia, about this cake

Irina, I want to say thank you from all of us) There is nothing left of the cake! The last peace my daughter and I ate together))). You should have seen with what faces children ate figures. I was even sorry for these lovely figures, you made them so cute. My daughter, usually fussy, ate almost 3 pieces! It's all nonsense! Such a stunning "Three chocolate" we have not eaten in our lifetime. Was very surprised by gentle air biscuit. He too was eaten completely) thank you!


Irina Abramova, of this cake


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Свадебный тортСвадебный торт

HELLO! My name is Irina! WELCOME to the site! 

Believe me or not - I really tried my best translating it to English. It is not my native tongue so, please, be merciful.:)

If ordering a cake you want to surprise and please your friends, guests, colleagues or kids you have come to the right address.

I am fresh in Phuket. My family and I arrived here recently from Odintsovo district, Moscow, where I worked as a pastry chef in various restaurants and in my private patisserie.

My cake shop is located in Chalong, Phuket near Wat Chalong.  

You can order any cake - with fondant or without. I make cakes for birthdays, weddings, for anniversaries, hen parties, for lovers, for children's and other occasions. Cake delivery Offer your photos or I can offer various embodiments such as decorated with fondant and very delicious beautiful cakes without fondant.

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All cakes on this website are mine. Unlike many pastry-cooks I do not use photos of others.

I do not spare on quality, use only natural ingredients, a good packaging and professional equipment. 

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